Ryan Miller

Posted: January 3, 2013 in Sports

With the lockout still going on I thought I would take a look at Ryan Millers contract. For the 2012 season if it had started on time he would have made $6.25 million. Next season 2013 he will again make $6.25 Million. Miller who is set to be a UFA (unrestricted free agent) in 2014 will most likely demand some kind of raise. Millers best year was in 2010 where he has a save % of .929 and a GAA of 2.22 while these numbers are great they are not typical for Miller. He is normally around a .915 SV%, and a 2.5 ish GAA. Miller has kept the Sabres relevant, but at what I am guessing will be around a $7 million a year deal he is no longer the Sabres best option. Let’s not forget he has always been a bit of a head case. Miller has had runs where he couldn’t get out of his own way, and during those times he played like a $3 million dollar goalie. As he ages his skills will start to fade, and I’m guessing he will have trouble adapting his game to his new skill set. It’s time for a trade. Miller still holds a lot of value in the NHL. He is also one of the top US goaltenders, and in some circles is one of the best in the world. In an era where teams are having trouble filling sits Miller could and would boost sales in a different market. With a positive out look that the lookout will end soon; I think the Sabres would be wise to look into trade options before Miller hits the Free agent market. It is a Thanks for all of your hard work. However yor are not $7 million net minder, and will not be.

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