Welcome back?

Posted: January 6, 2013 in Sports

Ladies and gentleman, please help me in welcoming back the NHL. After losing over 1/2 a season the NHL and NHLPA have come to an agreement. Is it too late to save fans? Is it too late to being back the casual fan? That is going to be up to the league. They have not even begun to work hard. If the NHL wants to make fans feel like they matter they had better get to work. But, how do they do this? A combination of giveaways and more giveaways are the only way to fix this mess. That the NHL and the NHLPA have worked so hard to create. Or, now that it is time to drop the puck will fans, league and players alike just move on? I guess only time will tell. I do believe the NHL has done a lot of damage to their brand. Hopefully they figure out they really are not one of the big boys. Simply put. No fans, no money. No money no players. No players no league. There is no more room for screw ups. The NHL better not lockout again.


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