Say what?

Posted: January 7, 2013 in Sports

While looking at some twitter posts today one jumped out at me. It was from @76_AndrewPeters . He wrote Spoke to @otterN9NE @Mike6Weber. “Players will show how sorry and how much they love the game and fans by how hard they’ve been working”. This is what is wrong with the players. You will show the fans you are sorry by how hard you have been working? Really, maybe you should have thought about the fans and the city’s you represent before you went 113 day without playing. This is slap in the face if you ask me. First, let’s look at this from a fans point of view. Fan love their teams, mostly because the team represents the city or town or state they live in. They love the players because they play on their team. Most of all fans have short memories, but in this case I don’t believe the fans will forget.

Second, I’ll try and look at this from the league and player’s view. Hockey is a business. It is about making money on both ends. It is about how much money one side can get from the other. I understand that; as do many fans. But, when a few go on the record and say “we have been working hard.” That is insulting. I for one believe players should always work hard; they should always give their very best. What I want to know from the players is what you did for your community in your off” time did you help kids, or volunteer your time? By not playing the game; players and owners alike took money out of people’s pockets. What will be done to make that right? Nothing is my guess. Nothing will be done to help the employees and their families who went without money because two groups could only think about their selves.

Finally, Hockey is back! That is great. I love the sport. If the players, and league want to show the fans how sorry they are, make sure this never happens again. Not in 8 years not in 10 years, never again. In the NHL lockouts have become part of the culture. It’s up to the league and players to fix the culture. Now, Let’s drop the puck.

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