Bills Regionalization

Posted: January 9, 2013 in Sports

I got a message from a friend wanting to know where I stand on the hiring of Doug Marrone and his O.C. Nathaniel Hackett. Both men coached Syracuse last year. To be honest, I haven’t giving this a lot of thought until today. However, there is a side of me that thinks this could be a multi level move. While the Bills may have believed that Marrone was the man for the job; there is very little doubt that this hire will add to the Bills regionalization hopes. It further widens the Bills viewing audience, and hopefully up ticket sales. Marrone, a former SU football player no doubt has a fan base in Syrcuse. That fan base will mean nothing if the head coach and new offensive coordinator don’t produce wins.

This is a what have you done for me lately league. I don’t care where the coach is from of what his previous job does for the Bills bottom line. All I care about is wins. I don’t however I not believe that is all the Bills care about. The Bills do very little that doesn’t increase their bottom line. Just look at the Toronto deal. There was no thought to the fan base. The Bills say a pay day and took it. The Toronto series in no way has helped the Bills win a game. Some would argue that it has hurt the team.
Quite frankly the Bills have created an image problem. They have shown very interest in winning. It has all been about the bottom line. And regionalization does nothing more then add to the Bills bottom line. I know Russ Brandon has said that adding the money from regionalization will add to the win column, but I don’t see how. If the Bills haven’t crated this image problem regionalization wouldn’t be an issue.

There is always the chance this hiring was a perfect storm. The Bills had a person they thought would be a good head coach, and he just so happened to be fit their regionalization plan. Unfortunately with the Bills one can never tell their true intentions.

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