Manti Te’o

Posted: January 20, 2013 in Sports

Notre Dame has had a rough few weeks. First they got ripped apart in the BCS championship game; now just weeks later the college and its star player are center stage. Manti Te’o is the main character in what may be the biggest hoax of 2012.

 Not only has Te’o been a stand out athlete for Notre Dame, he is also a very good student. His GPA is 3.324. Te’o is or was a model student athlete. He is a stand out Line Backer and defensive anchor; he was also a runner up for the 20112 Heisman trophy.  Te’o has had no prior character issues. It’s hard to believe he was not involved, but then again in today’s computer driven world who knows?

His achievements may be forever overshadowed by this Hoax. 2012 seemed to be a hard year for the star LB. His grandmother and “Girl Friend” both passed away from Leukemia. The hoax is centered on his girlfriend. A woman he dated for three years, but has never met. Te’o was living with the pain of losing two people he loved; when on December 6th he received a phone call from a woman claiming to be his deceased girlfriend Kelena. His world spinning out of control, and mind wondering trying to figure out what was going on; Te’o reported the phone call to ND. I’m sure Te’o’s mind was swirling during the BCS championship game. Possibly explaining why he no showed during the biggest game of his life. decided to look into Te’o’s girlfriend, only to find out she didn’t really exist. This hoax was not only a disgusting display of young men and women playing games with a person’s head and heart; it tore at a nation. Complete strangers feeling bad and pulling for a young man they didn’t know. The biggest question is; was Te ’o involved? There doesn’t seem to be a definitive answer to that question. No matter what side of the fence you land on; there is little doubt this hoax is going to cost him money.

Te’o was thought to be an early first round draft pick in April’s NFL draft. With the Hoax and his subpar play in the Championship game looming; his stock has taken a hit. With every spot Te’o drops his bank account will be mission millions of dollars. Involved in this hoax or not I think this issue has taught him a lesion. When you are a public figure you need to be smarter than the average guy. He was either involved or that 3.324 GPA is an example of Te’o only having book smarts. Hopefully his has the mental ability to live with whatever happens. Life for him will never be the same. His name will always be connected with “THE HOAX.”

My advice to him is to keep your head down and stay out of the spot light. Smile, and be thankful for you talent. It’s better to be drafted later then you thought then not drafted at all. You are Manti Te’o the person not just a football player. Take this situation and learn, don’t just move on. Good luck!


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