Why Build? Bigger is not always better

Posted: January 31, 2013 in Sports

With sports is bigger better? More and more teams are building giant sports venues. As each building goes up the true ground floor fan is locked out. Some of these building are running near or over a billion dollars. Bigger is not always better. And sometimes bigger is not what a team needs.

The Buffalo Bills are in need of a new home. Something to help them keep up with the Big teams in the NFL. Should they build Downtown or just retrofit the Ralf? No one has the right answer. Let me just say, if the Bills build downtown; most fans and people will not be able to attend the games. Buffalo has always been blue collar and fan driven. Now more than ever leagues and owners are chasing the all might dollar. But, by doing so they are leaving there roots behind.  Forget about that parking, the food, HD video boards or sound systems. Give people a great game that they can watch from any seat. Make everything affordable and remember why they are there. It may be old school, but as the distractions grow the event suffers.  

It’s not just an NFL problem. It’s every sport. Sports are a true out let for every fan.  There was a time that people would say I’m going to the Sabres game, I’m going to a Bills game. Now It’s I’m going to Ralf, I’m going to FNC. The first question often asked is “Where are you sitting?” For the white collar group it doesn’t seem to be about the team or even the game. It’s about my section, my drink choices, my heated seats, and the type of fans around them. When did sports become a class system, and why is it okay? It should never matter what the fan next to you is wearing or where they got there cloths. You are all there to cheer for your team. That common bond for the few hours you are there should be enough to bring people together.

What would happen if for one week all seats were the same price, and people had to just show up with a ticket and pick a seat? Would the world as we know it stop spinning? Would your home town team play worse because Job Bob is sitting behind the player’s bench instead of Dr. Smith? No, nothing would change on the ice, or on the court or field. I understand it is a person’s right to pick and choose where they sit, but with ever billion dollar stadium the ability for all fans to attend their beloved sporting event is taken away.  What’s next? No parking with in 100 yard if you don’t drive a Lexus?

It’s a sporting event not prom. While building a new stadium may need to happen: all I ask is that for once someone thinks about how the team got to this point. I for one do not need a castle, and I’d guess most of you just want to be able to attend your home town event without having to decide what bill not to pay. Bigger is not always better, sometimes teams just need to rethink how does this help the team, and what effect does it have on the fan base? Money is money, but should not be the sole driving force when a city decides to build or retrofit.  Don’t forget the little guy you to this point.


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