Excuse me Mr. Pegula

Posted: February 3, 2013 in Sports

Fist I’d like to say an overdue thank you for buying the Buffalo Sabres. However what is going on over there? Coming out of a lockout this is the effort your team is giving? It is nothing short of a slap in the face of ever fan that dawns the Blue and Gold. It just goes to show money doesn’t always equal wins, and being a fan doesn’t make for a good owner. As with most things it takes time to learn how to do something new. Hopefully learning how to spend your Billions comes quickly.

While it was nice of Mr. Pegula to fix up the First Niagara Center; cup holders next to a urinal is a far cry from winning the Cup. TV’s in the restrooms don’t help the team either. I do think remodeling the player’s locker room, and adding treatment rooms do help the Sabres, but what else are you going to do. Right now it’s all show and no go. It’s one thing to say we will win the cup, but it is another to not show any one you are serious.

So far this year it has been the same old Sabres; some new pieces, and the same slow start.  Year after year under Lindy Ruff this has been the case. I do believe that Ruff is a good coach; however it would be nice to hear someone in the Sabres organization say this cannot happen. It is not okay and if it doesn’t change there will be mass changes. Instead we hear about ticket sales, and merchandise sales. The fans deserve real answers, not the back speak we hear every day.

The fans were promised effort, and heart. They were told by your players how sorry the team was about the lock out. Where is the effort? If this is the Sabres idea of effort, and their idea of an apology; someone needs to have a very long talk with the staff.  The fans in Buffalo and around the country have stood by the Sabres for over 40 years now. It is about time the Sabres stand up for their fans.

Mr. Pegula has made change that effect only the fans and media that can afford to go see a game. To the fan that is sitting at home watching the game with his or her child the only thing that matters is the on ice product. Most fans do not go to the FNC. Most fans care about seeing a win, and watch hockey. When will you do something for them?

It is time for the owner to speak up. When is the last time that he said anything? Honestly I can’t recall. The Buffalo Sabres fans deserve to hear how he feels, and without any excuses. Mr. Pegula you called this hockey heaven. With heaven there is a Hell and you may need to put some peoples feet to the fire to change this season. It is time to fix the on ice problems, not make the FNC look better. If you win it they will come.


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