Same old stuff: Blue and tarnished Gold

Posted: February 11, 2013 in Sports

Year after year, and game after game it the same old stuff. The Buffalo Sabres yet again had nothing to show. Last night vs. the Bruins the Sabres fell flat. For the first 20 minutes it seemed like there may be hope, but after the first intermission that hope faded into a familiar image; a struggling team that couldn’t find a way to put a complete game together.  Yet again the Sabres looked flat, and unorganized.

Lindy Ruff still can’t figure out a way to motivate his young team. It has gotten so bad that the Sabres 6 million dollar defenseman was a healthy scratch. He was forced to watch his team from the press box. Myers who has been billed as the future of the Sabres defense for years to come has looked more like a journey man this year. Ruff has turned to his constant lineup changes, and  shifting players from one line to another trying to find something that looks like a hockey team, only to fall short again. At some point the ax needs to fall. The only question is who will be under it when it does?

The Buffalo Sabres were built to win a Stanly Cup now, or so we the fans have been told. I can’t help but question the managing style of the owner. It has been almost two years sense Pagula bought his favorite team. Not much has changed in those two years. Making me ask the question; did the Sabres get an owner who can give this city a cup, or did the city just get a super fan to run Buffalo’s team? Yes it is Buffalo’s team. The fans fill the seats. The fans buy the merchandise, and the fan are their reason the First Niagara Center and the Buffalo Sabres have added seating. It is starting to look like the team is pulling one over on the fans. Are the fans fools for loving a team that shows them no respect?

The Sabres are just about ¼ of the way through this season, and there has yet to be that defining moment. A moment that shows everyone there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Without question a major shakeup is needed, but where does one start? The coach is staying, or so we have been told. The GM just got contract extension, and our “top” defensemen had to it yesterday. The Sabres have an 18 year old Russian Grigorenko. Who is averaging 11.478 minutes a game over his last five games, and only has 2 points to show for it. Keeping in mind he is only 18 years old and is a rookie I don’t expect much more than what he is doing, but the Sabres are going to need more out of him. Right now the Sabres have very little offense, and a truly bad defense. Their goaltending is not all that great right now; however Miller has made a bunch of great saves. It’s the ones the Sabres need him to make that he seems to be having a hard time with. In the three main areas of the game, the Sabres are going zero for three. This team may just have too many character players, and not enough top talent. You can’t win many games with only one line.

Like most years there is always next year. However, isn’t it time that Buffalo didn’t have to think that only a ¼ of the way into a season? There is always next week and next month as well, but if there is not a major turn around, and shake up it is going to be too late. Hockey Heaven can turn into Hockey Hell really fast. I hope for the Sabres they open their eyes and see that this is not a cup team; it may not even be a playoff team. With respect I ask that someone in the Sabres organization open their eyes and see what most people see. A team that is well short of the promised goal. The fans deserve more, the city deserves more, and frankly the players and coaches need to do more.

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