Short take on the Bills

Posted: February 15, 2013 in Sports

The Buffalo Bills are making sure the league and fans alike understand it is a new day at One Bills Drive. Over the past week the Bills have been cleaning house; releasing several veterans. This should make for a great off season.

No matter what you think about the Bills; it is hard to deny the fact that changes are everywhere.   Not only have the Bills signed a new lease with Erie County and New York State, they will be putting $35 million of their own money into the Ralf, and by the look of things they are not stopping there.

With Free agency and the draft still to come the Bills look to be positioning themselves for a very busy off season; with needs all over the field; most notably at the QB, LB and S positions. They also need to find a WR, a TE and a RB. With so many needs and only a hand full of draft picks; the Buffalo Bills will need to be a player on every level.  

Fans of the Bills are hoping that the new front office understands how to build a team. Much like with the Sabres, fans are sick of not making a post season run. There is no doubt that the Bills are on the clock, and so is the front office. Time will tell if the personal and new coaches can mesh. One can only hope that the cap moves that have been made are in part to make sure that happens.

If taken at face value I like the new direction. It seems to be quick and decisive, leaving little room to question the new direction of the Bills. It’s nice to see the new coaches and front office taking a hard look at the team and making the necessary moves to allow them to find and bring in their style of player. Fans and players wanted change, well here you go.  By no means is this a whole sale rebuilding year, but it is really close to that. With the right Free Agent signings, the Bills should be better than in the past. If they can’t figure this out in a few years I hope that the front office is as quick to change it up as they have been this off season. Cheers to the winds of change.


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