Good Bye Lindy…

Posted: February 21, 2013 in Sports

It’s a new day for the Buffalo Sabres. For the first time since the 97-98 season Lindy Ruff will not be on the Sabres bench. Fans and some media types have been calling for Lindy to lose his job for a while now. Yesterday that wish came true. At times I have been one of the voices calling for his job. However, don’t be too quick to judge Lindy.

Without question Ruff is one of the best coaches to work in the NHL in a very long time. His 15 years with one team is a record, and the effect he had on Buffalo will not be easily filled. Ruff, who often came across as defensive, and a little tough has had his moments. There were times you could see and hear the love he has for Buffalo, and the Sabres. Ruff was not the type of person to walk away from a challenge; that may be why he hung on to his job for so long. His determination and fight is something that over time I believe will be missed behind the Sabres bench. With that being said there is no question that it was time for Ruff to move on.

Over the past few years Ruff’s message has lost it audience. The Sabres as a team have gotten younger, and Ruff has not been able to change his method of coaching. Lindy also has a history of butting heads with some of his players. That aspect of his coaching is something I always liked. I for one do not need a coach that every player loves, but I do need a coach that the players listen to and put forth an effort worthy of the fans money.

Lindy will most likely catch on in another city, and I don’t for see his unemployment being a long period of time. He is highly respected throughout the NHL, and among many front offices.  No matter where he ends up I believe that Ruff will be highly thought of by Buffalo fans and players as well. Like most coaches there comes a time when nothing works, and fans will call for his job.  For Lindy Ruff fans have been calling for his job for years.  There are no more excuses for the Sabres.

 Fans finally got what they wanted, but is it what was needed. Time will answer that question. However, with the exiting of Lindy it creates a void in the Buffalo Sabres. Who will take over for the long term? The list is never ending, and I don’t know who will be best. I do know that getting what you wanted can sometimes turn out to be not what you needed. I hope for the Sabres and fans alike this turns out to be the right choice. Not just for this season but for the next 10 years. Lindy did need to go, but it is a weird time in Buffalo sports. Ruff has been the head coach for half of my life. On a personal level Sabres hockey will never be the same. The bench will look like different, the team will have a different feel, and hopefully the Sabres will play differently. As the winds of change continue to alter the Buffalo sports landscape fans and the city alike will need to view things through a new set of eyes. The exiting of Lindy Ruff has put Darcy and the rest of the Sabres front office on the clock.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Very well said, helper sports. I completely agree with what you said. Good luck Lindy and we wish you well!

  2. Burck says:

    Hopefully it won’t take long to realize that NO coach can change laziness, and a General Manager actually does managing, generally…If things are Generally UNmanaged, AKA, REGIERed, maybe a certain owner can see that and make the ultimate needed change.

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