Down Graded: Sabres are Black and Blue

Posted: February 25, 2013 in Sports

If you watch the Buffalo Sabres play the Islanders on Saturday you saw an uninspired team yet again. The Sabres seem to be adrift in the depths of the bottom of the NHL.. They have fired their coach, they have made small roster moves, and yet it’s the same effort as earlier in the season.  So, now what so they do?

Like most issues in sports it starts at the top. The Sabres owner has been nowhere to be found this year. He doesn’t show is face and seeming lets Ted Black do all the talking.  With that being said Mr. Black does allow fans to call him when he is on WGR550, Mr. Black can be reaches via email, but time and time again Mr. Black seems to use the Mr. Pegula has money card way too much.  What good is all of his money if all Mr. Pegula is doing is making things look nice? How many coats of paint do the Buffalo Sabers fans need to see? What fans needs and deserve is the owner who said “”reason for existence” would be to win the Stanley Cup.  It’s time that Mr. Pegula stops being a super fan and makes the changes that need to be made. Maybe, he just doesn’t know how to do that. I have very few doubts that Mr. Pegulais a great person, and owner, but right now being a great person and owner does not mean a thing unless he and the rest of his people can find a way to win.

Ron Rolston getting a shot at fixing this mess, but what can one expect from someone who really is not going to get a full chance to make this work? Rolston will get very few practices, and maybe even less time to work out his style of play. Ultimately his interview is going to be played out in Ruff’s system. For the remainder of this year I don’t think we can say the Sabres made the wrong coaching move, because Rolston really doesn’t have the time to be the coach.  His job is to sort out the mess of players, and see who is willing to work and who is going to be a coach killer.

This year’s mess really falls on the players and Darcy Regier. This is the group of players he chooses to use. Darcy made the trades; he decided that this was the direction the Sabres needed to go in order to win.  Looks like he made one really big mistake; judging from this season Darcy was way off point. At what point will Darcy’s job be in danger? If it is not already, it should be. This is his mess, his baby if you will, and yet he seems to sit back and watch this horror show play out. If Ruff couldn’t coach these guys, then Darcy should not be running the Sabres anymore. As for the players; they have proven time and time again they do not want to play hockey this year. Game after uninspired game; they give Buffalo a bad name. As Herb Brooks said, “You’re looking for players whose name on the front of the sweater is more important than the one on the back” And right now there is no heart in that locker room. It may be time for big drastic trades. The Sabres may need to move Jason Pominville, they may need to move Miller, or Vanek. Some hard decisions need to be made, and they need to be made right now. Not in a week, not in a month now.

I don’t think this is a blow everything up year, but it is a remake the team year. The Sabres started breaking up the old core, and it is time to finish the job. Before the lockout players said they would show fans how sorry they are about the lockout. Well, if this is their idea of an apology they can keep it. It’s time to get to work, not pack it in and say better luck next year. Do the work, and earn your pay checks. If the everyday person performed the way the Sabres play at their jobs, they wouldn’t have a job. There are a bunch of sports clichés that will be tossed around during interviews. All I want to hear is, “we are sorry, this is not oaky, and we as a team will bust our butts to get it right.”


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