3rd times a charm: Welcome back Sabres?

Posted: March 2, 2013 in Sports

The Buffalo Sabres are going for their third win in a row this afternoon. After a nice trip to sunny Florida and two victories; the Sabres showed some signs that their awful play may soon be ending. There were flashes of heart, and hard work; something that up until last week we saw very little of.  

A loss to the Devils this afternoon does not totally wipe out the Florida victories. However knowing Buffalo fans that ban wagon they jumped on last week will have a lot of empty seats if the Sabres come up short. Fans of out of their mind if they think this team will rip off 4, 5 or more wins in a row. While that is what the Sabres need to do; they are not built for that.  Until the team shows me I am wrong, and they do what has yet to be done; I will not change my mind.

This afternoon’s game could go a long way to making the Sabres relevant in this NHL season. A win today would also give the Sabres a chance to make up ground in their conference, something that is going to be very hard to do in this shortened season. With a victory the Sabres could go from 14th place in the East to tied for 10th, and only 2 points out of 8th.  Hopefully the Sabres can muster up the energy and determination it takes to beat the natural zone trap style of the slow play Devils. A game like this should be a good mental test for several Sabres. For the Sabres to win they will need to be firing on all cylinders.

This past week has been a nice break for the first quarter of the season, but I’m not buying in yet. As Rolston’s time behind the bench grows; so too should some of his systems. With that the once sleep walking Sabres may start to wake up to a new fresh style of play. We are already seeing some players sit due to poor play, and some once non factor players are hopefully starting to remember what they do for a living. It’s a home game boys, do the work. Your fans are sick and tired of wasting their money to watch a NHL team that looks like a low level college team. With that allow me to welcome the Buffalo Sabres back to the NHL, and good luck.

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