Buffalo Blueand Gold; Fans welcome

Posted: March 5, 2013 in Sports

If you are a fan of any sports team you most likely search and search for a trusted source to get you information and venting fix. If you are a Buffalo Sabres fan all you need to do is log on to Facebook and search for Buffalo BlueandGold. It is a great place to get your Sabres fix.

Started in 2010 by a diehard Sabres fan, Buffalo BlueandGold was put out to the masses because of the lack of respect other fans pages allow.  Now over 1500 members strong; BB&G has taking the stance of no member should worry about being trash talked for his or her comments. This fan page has many true Sabres fan. And they know their hockey. The creator of this fan page has set up one very clear rule. “When posting, feel free to agree or disagree, offer your opinions and comment on those opinions of others, but, please refrain from swearing, racial profiling, or other offensive material. Please do not insult others if you disagree with someone. Respect for your fellow members is of utmost importance here at Buffalo BlueandGold. Personal attacks will not be tolerated, terms such as “stupid, homer, idiot, moron, you don’t know hockey,” and the like will never be tolerated.It is with this rule that this fan page becomes a safe haven for people to be honest about how they feel towards the Buffalo Sabres without fear of being humiliated by fellow fans.

This fan page has been growing in popularity among Buffalo Sabres fan Nationwide. One fan says “So I would just like BB&G to know that it is hard for me to go on other fan pages anymore. I compare all of them to this wonderful page. I can come here and have a logical conversation about hockey. And even football sometimes. Thank you for running the best Sabres fan page out there…” This is not an isolated comment. Ed Kilgore, sports director at WGRZ in Buffalo is a big fan of BB&G saying “I think buffaloblueandgold is a terrific site for Sabres fans to exchange opinions and stay current on the ever changing landscape of their team. Most people are respectful of each other even when they disagree, and after all it’s the disagreements that are a huge part of being a passionate fan.”  Buffalo BlueandGold may become more then a basic fan page. I believe they should be the Fan page of the Buffalo Sabres.

Buffalo Blue and gold does have some local “celebrity” members and local media such as Ed Kilgore. BB&G has many fans across the US and Canada; along with many in the armed forces who chat on it during hockey games. It’s like a place a bunch of friends meet during the game to forget about life for awhile. For those who live out of the WNY area BB&G may be their sole source to talk about their beloved Sabres. I for one have been one many, many fan pages, and now find myself looking here for input, and honest fan opinions. BB&G creator has some very straight forward and heart felt thoughts on the Sabres, something that is hard to come by. BB&G’s page is a page I would let my children read, and with the internet being so messed up that is saying something. If you bleed Blue and Gold this is a home for you.  I hope they keep up the good work.

You can find Buffalo BlueandGold on Facebook


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