I havent heard the fat lady : Sabres

Posted: March 6, 2013 in Sports

The Buffalo Sabres are looking a little different over the past few weeks. Now under Ron Rolstons watchful eye; the Sabres have starting playing NHL hockey. The Sabres record of 9-13-2 has them sitting in 5th place in the Northeast, and 13th in the Easter conference; sitting 4 point out of a playoff spot.

One of the biggest problems with the Sabres is still their power play. They are only scoring at an 11.5% clip, worst in the NHL. It doesn’t seem to matter who is coach this team; the power play is an issue. One reason could be that no player other than Vanek seems to be willing to sit in front of the net, and take the beatings that come with that spot on the ice.  Another issue is the lack of scoring talent on the power play. There are key players on the pp lines, but with the man advantage they seem to lose their touch. The Sabres keep looking for the perfect play, and don’t seem to like to shoot.

With the Sabres having a chance to make the playoffs they need to have better starts to their games. Playing only 30-40 minutes of a game will not help their cause. There have been a number of games this year where the Sabres have giving up the early goal. For some reason this team can come out of the gate of all cylinders. Time and time again the Sabres make a game harder than it needs to be. I love seeing the hard work and heart in the third, but for once it would be nice to see it in the 1st.

Not only does the slow start hurt the team as a whole; it puts more pressure on Ryan Miller. The Sabres top goalie is having an okay year. He has a 2.83 GAA and a .914 SA not great numbers, but about in line with his normal averages.  Earlier in the season Miller would give up the junk goal and the Sabres would crumble. Lately Miller has not been doing that. He has been showing more flashes of the “old” Miller. If Miller can keep improving it should help take some of the added pressure off his team. However at some point Miller is going to need a break and the Sabres don’t seem to have a back up to put in. Enroth has not won a game dating back to last November; that streak helped him get all but benched by former head coach Lindy Ruff. New head man Rolston has not yet tested his back up. I’m guessing Rolston may call up his Old Rochester net man David Leggio who has better number than Miller at the moment; all be it in the AHL.

With more time and a longer season the Sabres may have a real chance at the post season, but in this shorten season they need to hit the gas and get moving. There is no more time to figure out what style of play they want to use. There is no more time for the Power Play to be nothing more than a 2 minute break for the penalized player. I’ve seen the Sabres work, and know they can play the NHL game now they need to show me they can do it for a full 60.  The season is not over and I haven’t heard the fat lady. But she is warming up.

  1. martin hens says:

    Yeah, the lights are on in the “Green Room”.

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