Knockout blow: Down goes the Sabres

Posted: March 11, 2013 in Sports

I’m calling it, it’s over. The Sabres have been knocked out just over half way through a season. After yesterday’s loss to the Flyers the Sabres chances of making the playoffs have all but gone away.

This season has not gone at all the way Buffalo had hoped. I will give the Sabres credit for taking punch after punch and trying to get up off the ice, but last night was the knockout blow. After coming out flat yet again; the Sabres got the score to within one goal. However there was just no bite left in that dog. If the Sabres are going to stand behind their core group of players; they had better get working on marketing. The season ticket waiting list may slowly start to disappear.

They Sabres front office fired Lindy Ruff, hoping that a move like that would stop the bleeding. Sorry, guys. That was not the only move that needed to be made. It has always been thought that as Lindy goes Darcy goes. It needs to be that way. All the Sabres brass did was cut one head off the two headed beast. Time is up; the Sabres are running out of plays. It is time to call in the demolition crew and blow this mess up. Darcy was finally able to get rid of Roy; good, I’m happy about that, but he didn’t bring any points back. He brought fists, and size. I’m sorry a punch and a body check will not win the cup. I believe a mix of players is needed, but the Sabres do not have a mix. They have a line; three players that have done a majority of the teams scoring. That is not balance, which is a huge one sided mess.

As the trade deadline approaches, all a Sabres fan can hope for is big, radical changes. The Sabres have the pieces they need for a big trade, but that’s not Darcy’s style. If he blows this team up; he may be blowing up his job; if he hasn’t done that already. Forget about getting into the playoffs. The Sabres need to get out of the NHL’s basement. We don’t need another cup holder, or TV in the FNC. We need a team that is as proud to play for Buffalo as we are to live in Buffalo.


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