The State of Buffalo Sports

Posted: March 14, 2013 in Sports

Buffalo sports are a crime of passion. We love them and hate them in the very same breath. What makes it even harder is the fact that both Pro sports teams are a mess. The Buffalo Bills can’t stumble into a playoff spot, and the Buffalo Sabres while closer to the playoffs then most believe are a shell of what most believed them to be.

Both teams have holes everywhere. The Buffalo Bills are losing players left and right; they don’t have the picks or cap space to fill them all this year. Their major need is at QB. But, with no top prospect in the draft they may end up reaching just to fill the void. However, that is nothing new. The Bills have not had a true starting QB for over a decade. I would rather see the Bills build from the outside in. Starting with the adding weapons such as WR, TE, and making sure they can sure up a dicey defense. While this may seem like a strange way of building a team; it seems that doing it this way would allow the Bills to draft a QB in the later rounds and hopefully get a top notch QB in next year’s draft. I don’t think that all of the Bills holes can be filled this year, and that leads me to believe it will take two or three years to reach playoff caliber.

The Sabres on the other hand have some talent, but that talent doesn’t seem to be able to play together. Rumors of trades are everywhere, and where there is smoke there is fire. The question is, is it a fire sale or just a small flame? While the Sabres are not out of the playoff race as I believed they were; they do need a major retooling. Starting with their over $6 million net minder. Millers contact is up after next season, and he will most likely demand a raise. The problem with that is while his pay will most likely go up his performance has not. Miller has only had one or two really top notch year; other than those years Miller has been just slightly above average.  The Sabres also need to address Vanek, and Pominville. Both contracts are due to expire in the next year. It is time to finish what the front office started. Clear out the remaining core of this team and get it moving in a different direction. I can’t say if the Sabres will move everyone out, but one or two of the top line players need to be traded. That leaves Myers. Myers is in his 4th year, and really has only had one great year. For the past two seasons he has looked out of place. I hope it is a case of relearning how to play the game, but there is little doubt that he is not who the Sabres hoped he was. Myers is not a tough guy, he doesn’t have the right talent set to play like Pronger. Myers would be better suited as a puck moving D-man.  I think he will get a pass this year, but if Myers can’t find his game next year we may be talking about moving him as well. I hope that the Sabres brass will move quickly and starting trying to find the right players, not just Darcy’s boys. It is time for the Sabres to put their big boy pants on and be an NHL team.

I love Buffalo sports, where else can someone find something that can make them smile one minute and pull our hair out the next. Sports make dreams come true, and rip them apart in the same game. Buffalo sports are a leading example of that. Watch these teams with caution. If you are weak of heart you should not watch, or read about our teams.


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