Rest Time is over, now play

Posted: March 15, 2013 in Sports

The Buffalo Sabres have been on a rest. No I’m not talking about the way they have been playing this year. They have not played in days. In a shortened NHL year, having days off are a gift from the Hockey Gods.

I know I wrote that the Sabres are out of the playoff hunt, but as my 5 year old daughter told me stop being so negative. The Sabres are sitting 7 points out of 8th place. While a playoff run is unlikely this lay off came at the perfect time. The bumps and cuts that come with a NHL season have had some time to heal. If the Sabres are going to make any run it better start tomorrow.

The Sabres will play the Sens at FNC tomorrow, and if they want to get the fan base back on the board; the first 5 minutes of play better be played, and not look like a figure skating competition. There are no excesses left. They had rest, they are healthy, and they are a NHL team. If you or I didn’t show up for work we would lose our job. If the Sabres don’t come out firing tomorrow Darcy should lose his.

With the trade deadline looming, the rumors are flying. Miller here, Vanek there, rip it apart, and everything in between. The bottom line is until Darcy makes a move this is our team. This is the Buffalo Sabres, and as madding as their play has been we still care. The biggest thing for me is I don’t think Darcy should be making the calls anymore, but it’s not my team. It’s not your team, its Mr. Pegula’s team and it seems he is okay with things the way they are.

With all the trade talks and poor play, and a coaching change somehow the Sabres are still hanging around; with an outside shot at the post season. Rest time is over boys. It’s time to put up or shut up. Your fans bleed Blue and Gold, it would be nice if the Sabres did as well. I understand players wanting a trade, and saying it may be time to move on, but that’s not their call. Until their jersey has different colors on it I expect all out effort, and heart.  Honestly we as a fan base are owed that.

So, for once I try to stay somewhat positive, and keep a sliver of hope alive in my mind and heart. That is not easy for a fan of any Buffalo sports team. It is the cross that we bare, and the choices we make when we put on the Blue and Gold. If the Sabres front office wants to stop Hockey Heaven for becoming Hockey Hell they need to find players that want to be here. Lets drop the puck and figure things out.


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