Man up or skate off: Sabres

Posted: March 20, 2013 in Sports

What does a team do when nothing is working? The Buffalo Sabres are quickly finding out the answers don’t come easily. After watching some games and not rushing to bash them; they have given me no choice but to take a 2×4 and smack them again.

They are mess, a borderline joke. While they are only 6 point out of the playoff the Buffalo Sabres continue to shot themselves in the foot. Even when the Sabres play well enough to get ahead, they can’t finish. Year after year, and game after game this team has lacked the killer attitude needed to jump up in the standings. It seems they have more players that are content just skating around not caring, then players who show passion. The current Sabres under Rolston are no better than the old Ruff lead Sabres. For every one who thought firing a coach would fix this mess, you are all very wrong. One man standing on a bench cannot change this team. However, I do think that a serious attitude change is needed. The Sabres needs a coach that doesn’t care about anything other than getting the win, someone who has tasted victory, and understands a passionate fan base.

Not only is the front office continuing to fall; the Sabres have no true starting goaltender. Enroth is basically Miller minus $5 million or so. Enroth’s GAA and SV% are a wash when compared to Millers. (2.96 GAA for Miller, 2.99 GAA Enroth ,SV% Miller .909, Enroth .905) With numbers being so close there is no logical reason not to move Miller at this year’s trade deadline. There is no doubt that the Blue and Gold need to heal, and regroup. The Sabres have a few core players left hanging around, and they also have some players that just sit in the press box. Please, move them out. For an attitude change to work Buffalo needs to completely retool the entire team, not just pick one or two players, and hope that a new coach can fix this mess. I don’t care who the coach is, this team needs more than one trade, and one new coach.

Even when the Sabres get the 2 points, it is hard to be happy. In order for the Sabres to make the playoff they cannot keep giving up a point. I hate ties, and an overtime win right now is nothing more than a tie. Buffalo cannot make up ground by wining overtime games. They need the 2 points flat out; in regulation.  I don’t feel like I am asking too much here. If the playoffs are still the goal, and we have all been told they are still in play; than the Sabres need a full 60 minutes of work out of everyone. Yes, 60, not 65, not 65 and a shoot out. The Sabres need to get it done in 60. Get the points and skate away. Time is up, time has been up. Man up or skate off!


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