Life as a Sabres fan

Posted: March 22, 2013 in Sports
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There is an internal battle raging in my head and heart. The battle of the fan side of me verse the logical best thing for the Sabres side of me. Last night’s game only heated up the battle. Last night the Sabres played hockey. They got the 2 points, but yet again I’m torn.

With the playoffs looking like a dream, and the team scrapping and fighting; this battle is one that no one will win. As a fan I love seeing wins. That is the sole purpose of a hockey game. That is the sole reason fans are fans, we want our team to win. However, the logical side of my brain says draft, and trade. I know it is not just a Buffalo hockey thing, but it seems to happen every year. The Sabres have a way of creating internal battles among their many fans. How can you be a fan and not want a win? How can you be a fan and not want to see your team make the changes it needs to make?

The scarcest thing for me is if the Sabres do start putting points together there is the chance that Darcy pumps his chest and does nothing. Between last night and the trade deadline there are 7 games, 6 left to play. If Buffalo gets 10 points out of them we may be looking at the same team in April. The Sabres front office has been made to look out of touch so far this year. I believe some of the front office is having trouble with the same internal battle I and some fans are having. They are fans of the Sabres, but they also have a responsibility to the public to put the best team on the ice. If the Sabres start playing NHL hockey the front office may think this is the best team. GM’s and owners can have short memories when it come to trades and draft choices. In some way a fire sale is a GM’s way of saying I messed this up. It is a last minute, last ditch effort to save his job.

There seems to be battles all over hockey on ice, and off; within fans and within in a team’s Front Office. One problem is there is no way to win these battles. Everyone will score a blow, and everyone will taste defeat. It’s part of the draw; it’s what keeps some of us coming back. We will cry and cheer from one minute to the next. This year is more tears than cheers, but you have to love this game. At its purest level Sabres hockey is a way of life. Good or bad, hockey can give us an escape from real life, if only for a few hours. It can take our minds off of our troubles, and it can cheer us up when we are down. You’ve got to love this game, and as for this team? It’s not the players. Sure they win and lose, but once a Sabres fan always a Sabres fan. It doesn’t really matter what name is on the back. It’s the logo, it’s the colors, and it’s our team.

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