NHL broken

Posted: March 25, 2013 in Sports

The NHL has not changed much over the past 5 or 10 years; sure the league offices would lead you to believe it has. The officials still allow clutch and grab play, the Safety department, is still really inconstant. Let’s not forget the recent lockout.

It’s hard enough for the social fan to watch a hockey game on TV. But the league is hurting itself. It allows its officials to blow calls and make up calls. They say they care about player safety, and says it will suspend players that break rules. That is unless your name is Nash, Crosby, or any other big name. For a league to draw in new hard core fans, the game needs to flow. A hockey games is like poetry on ice. Everything should flow together, and move as one piece. But, in today’s NHL and the NHL of the late 90’s and early 2000’s the on ice product is a mess. The trap may be one of the biggest problems in the league. It plugs up the ice’ making the game slow down, and become unwatchable. Not to mention that the trap is a clutch and grab factory.

The NHL seems to always come back from lockouts and this last one while one of the longest ones is no exception; attendance, sales and viewing are all up from last years. Fan love this sport; which is why the mystery of players not caring about fans is so hard to solve.  The NHLPA and NHL seem always willing to roll the dice when it comes to hockey fans. From the outside of this it is hard to believe that fans and their money mean so little to these people. While work stoppages are not uncommon in sports hockey stoppages seem to happen more often than most. Some say it is how sports grow and progress. Others say just look at the NHL commissioner. Gary Bettman; Bettman has been running the NHL dating all the way back to February 1, 1993. Under his watch players, and most owners alike have watched thier bank accounts grow, and grow; while fans have needed to shell out more and more money to watch a product that is only getting worse by the year.

As for the players; they are unwilling to change anything. If they wanted to stop the grabbing they could. If they wanted to play and not fight about everything they could have. NHL players don’t even want the game to be safer. They hit, board high stick and do just about anything to win. Normally that is a good thing, but not when you cross that line, and injury another player, a coworker. That old saying it’s all fun and games until someone looses an eye; that could very well happen. Until it does the players won’t even wear a visor. What a joke. Is it better to keep your eye sight, or not play?

If the league truly cares about player safety change the rules, and stop flip flopping on the calls. I have loved NHL hockey for 31 years. Fewer things give me as much happiness as watching this game played, and managed correctly, but it is not. Until the players and league understand they need to change; hockey as we know it will never be true to its roots.


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