Who’s the Fall Guy?

Posted: March 27, 2013 in Sports
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Pro Sports are an ugly business. Coaching a pro team may be one of the ugliest jobs around. Ron Rolston head coach of the Buffalo Sabres is coaching one of the ugliest teams in pro sports. Rolston who was the Rochester Americans coach up until Lindy Ruff’s firing; has had no better luck coaching the Sabres.
Rolston was the logical choice to keep the bench warm for the Sabres, and was only giving the interim tag. That tag is a lot like signing a one day contract so an athlete can finish his career with his old team. It’s not that Rolston is under qualified; it’s really just that he has no NHL experience. Rolston who did not play in the NHL was part of the USA Juniors program; where he won many, many times. In fact there are players on the Sabres roster that Rolston has coached while in the USA program. But, in his short tenure with the Sabres; Rolston has run out of answers.
After last night’s loss to the Lightning, it would seem as if Rolston will be the fall guy; a built in excuse for the back half of a truly horrible season. I feel sorry for him on some level; I’m, guessing Rolston truly thought he would have a chance to coach this team next year, and make it his own. Now, I can’t see that happening. Rolston does have the guts needed to coach a team. He is not scared to bench players. He doesn’t hold back during interviews, and defiantly has the knowledge. Sadly for Rolston; he was given the chance to coach a broken team. I hope his dream job, doesn’t turn his career into a nightmare.
Going into the trade deadline, the Sabres have a coach that may not be around next year, and a GM that seem like he is walking in the woods without a map. But, it doesn’t seem like the Sabres are in a hurry to change the front office. Someone needs to take the fall, and if it is not Darcy then it will be Rolston. Honestly it makes no sense to go into the trade deadline with this GM or head coach. Both men may be dead men walking.
My pick for the fall guy should be the owner. Where has Pegula been? The billionaire turned fantasy hockey owner has not been seen much during this mess. Ultimately all decisions should fall on his desk. But, he seems content letting his lackeys make the calls. Terry, this is your team and the fans want to see you. This is your GM and head coach. These are your players. Where are you? Forget about blaming Darcy, or Rolston. That ship has sailed. Terry could have stopped the bleeding months ago. But, he has done nothing. Most true fans know Darcy needs to go. Most fans know Rolston most likely will not be back next year, but why are we waiting? There is the trade deadline, and a draft coming up. You can’t run a team like this. All the money in the world does not make you a good owner. If you truly love this team, prove it.
The Blue and Gold are in some of the darkest times in history. I put this season up there with the having no owner, with are the Sabres going move, with Hasek leaving, and anything else in Sabres history. In fact this may be the worst thing in history. We seem to have no direction, no real GM, an unknown coach, and players who have checked out. Right not the Sabres are just a team in waiting. No team can win without leadership, and the Sabres are lacking leadership. Who the real fall guy? I say it’s the whole organization that’s who.
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