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Posted: April 6, 2013 in Sports
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So you’re saying there’s a chance. The Buffalo Sabres are in a “play off” push. Well, that’s what Ron Rolston says is going on. I think they are in a battle for their jobs. Now that the trade dead line has passed, and the dominos has started to fall the Sabres playoff hopes fall on the rest of the Easter conference.

It would be nice if the Sabres started the season they way they are playing now. Everyone knew the Sabres could play this game, everyone except the Sabres. This season has shown that you can spend money, and put together a team, but it doesn’t mean a thing. If your players don’t want to play, you have nothing to build on. As a fan the past few games have been madding. The Sabres have shown us there heart, and dare I say soul? I will give them credit for the past week of play, but I will say it should not have taken trade, and a new coach to get the effort. As players in the NHL that kind of effort is expected to be the norm, not something that is shown only a few times a year.

With the playoffs in view, and draft picks in hand time will show the Sabres real cards. If Darcy Regier and the rest of the Sabres front office want to save face, this effort better continue through the rest of this year and into next season. Every player and coach , and the GM are all on the chopping block, one wrong move and this house of cards will completely fall apart.

This is Buffalo; a city that expects hard work from every one. The Sabres need to get in line with the city they play for. Playing in Buffalo can be a unique experience for players. You don’t need to win the cup for fans to love you, but you better show up and do the job you are paid for. If that is done fans will fight for you, but if you fall short the educated fan base will rip you apart.

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