Fix the point system!

Posted: April 8, 2013 in Sports
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Wondering how to make the playoffs? Just win the game. In sports the idea is to win; it doesn’t matter how you win or how long it take a team to win the game, as long as they win. The NFL, MLB, and NBA three of the so called major four pro sports leagues follow that simple rule. The odd ball is the NHL; were a Shoot out win doesn’t count the same a regulation or Overtime victory.
The NHL uses a point system to determine the playoffs. A Team gets two points for any win; however the losing team can get a point if they get the game to a shoot out. Let’s call that a loser point. The 3 point game makes it harder to jump over teams and make the playoffs. Why is the NHL using this system, it is a joke. You should not get a point for losing. It’s a loss, you didn’t do your job, and you didn’t get the W. I say you get nothing. It should be 2 points for the win, that’s it; nice and simple.
The Buffalo Sabres are making a case for this right now. They have only won 11 games in regulation or overtime and they have won a game 5 times in a shootout; once you factor in their goes up to loser point the Sabres have 38 points. The Sabres have received 6 extra points this year, that’s like winning 3 more games. However the biggest problem is the New Jersey devils, they would drop 10 points off their current point total.
If you do the math and take away the loser point the standing change a bit. 1-4 would stay the about the same with Boston moving to third and Washington dropping to fourth, but only because Washington is leading the SE division. Washington would have 40 points in a 2 point system. It’s the teams trying to fight for their playoff lives it affects more, spots 9-15 moves around a bit more. Here what it would look like.
9- Winnipeg 38pts (currently in 10th)
10- Philadelphia 34pts (currently in 12th)
11- Carolina 32pts (2 games @ hand vs. Buffalo) (currently in 13th)
12- Tampa Bay 32pts (1 game @ hand vs. Buffalo) (currently in 14th)
13- Buffalo 32pts (currently in 11th)
14- New Jersey 30pts (currently in 9th)
15- Florida 24pt (currently in 15th)
If you don’t like a two point system there is a 3-2-1 system in use. It is being used in the World Juniors. If the 3-2-1 system sounds like a foreign concept, it essentially awards three points if you win in regulation, two if you win in OT and one if you are defeated in OT. It helps to separate good teams from the bad teams. It still tosses a “bone” to a losing team for getting into over time, but the 3 points for a regulation victory helps separate the looser points. The 3-2-1 system forces teams to keep working in the third period. It would also help break up the trap, or the lock depending on the team we are talking about.
Both ideas have pros and cons, but the NHL needs to do something. Win to get in. The NHL needs to stop being different and just get the best teams in to the playoffs.
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  1. kayotik22 says:

    I disagree. I think getting one point for getting the game to overtime (not just a shootout) is a great idea. It keeps the pack tighter together, and makes the playoff spots and every game count more. It wouldn’t be fun if the gaps between points and teams were so large the bottom teams wouldn’t have a shot. If they “just get the best teams” in the playoffs every year it wouldn’t be as thrilling to watch teams like LA come from eighth and win it all.

    Anyway thats my opinion. And its losing not loosing when you don’t win. Loser, not looser.

    • Understandable, but when teams like FLA get into the playoffs only because they won their division it messes up the whole thing. The race for 8th will always be there, but I want the best teams in the race, not lucky ones. Thanks the errors should be fixed.

      • kayotik22 says:

        I can see your point, but I think it is important to have the three top spots saved for the leader in each division. To have a whole division suck so hard to not even have one team be point-approved for the playoffs would only push fans away from following their teams. Lets be real, the hockey following in Florida is a joke, but if they stood no chance of making the playoffs, the fans wouldn’t even bother. And giving lesser teams the chance to prove how much they want it keeps playoff hockey interesting. Also I’m just a sucker for the underdog so I’m always going to want to give lesser teams the opportunity to do big things.

      • From a fan point of view I agree. But, you bring to mind a bigger question. If the fans in FLA, and teams like them don’t support the team unless they are winning or in a playoff chase; do they deserve a NHL team? Point system aside, there may be a better case for moving teams. It seems to me teams like ATL needed to move to stay alive, it may be time for FLA, and otherteams like them to be moved orjust gone. I want what better for the NHL, not just the fans.


      • kayotik22 says:

        I absolutely agree about moving an FLA team. I went down for a Bruins v Panthers game last year and it was the biggest joke. It felt like an AHL game trying too hard. There is no reason the sunshine state needs two hockey teams when they can barely foster one fanbase.

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