What to do, What to do?

Posted: April 9, 2013 in Sports
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The 2013 NFL draft is coming up fast, and the Buffalo Bills have the 8th pick. What should they do? Trade down, or make the pick? Do they go after their QB of the future now, or wait until next year, or maybe look to add a QB in the mid rounds? This year’s draft is one of the biggest drafts in the Bills history.

Buffalo has holes everywhere, and they don’t have the cap room or picks to be able to fill everything this year. The biggest hole to fill may be at QB, but I just don’t see that player in this year’s draft. There are really good QB’s this year, but not the one to set up the Bills for the next 10 years. The Bills front office is setting a Super Bowl or bust motto this year. “Don’t confuse effort with results” a sign now hanging in the Field House at One Bills Drive. For this sign to be true the Bills need to be careful with their draft picks, and make sure they get players to help whoever is the QB this year.

I still like the idea of an OL at one, a WR at two and grab your QB in the 3rd, or trade back in to the 2nd to get him. Most people are going to say I’m nuts, but let’s think about this. No matter who you QB of the future is or what year you draft him he needs to stay on his feet. A top OL will go a long way to making sure this happens, and a stand out WR gives the new QB someone other than Stevie Johnson to get the ball to. Any top QB drafted by the Bills may need to start right away; adding to the pressure he will be playing in Buffalo. Bills fans have a very short fuse right now. They are sick and tired of bad QB play, and sicker of being beat up and down the field for 13 years. Whoever is the QB, be it Kolb, or Jackson or a new kid the pressure cooker will be turned up to high. Why not give the O-line time to gel, add the WR and start from the outside in. If the QB has skills he will be able to work with what he has.

Around Buffalo winds of change seem to be a key point. If that is true the Bills need to start to prove it. Talk is cheap; fans want and frankly deserve action. I don’t love the QB crop this year, but if the Bills do then make the move. For example, if you would pick the guy at 21 then take him at 8. All I ask is be decisive.  As always in Buffalo, the Bills are on the clock.


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  1. ronace says:

    Poor QB class, but Bills need to address this position nevertheless. Take Geno Smith if he’s there, otherwise fill another critical position of need right away, whether it be OG or OLB. I agree, waiting until the 3rd round is fine if you can’t get Smith. Thanks for posting, and I hope you will read my upcoming blogs, which will not only cover each team, but also the draft prospects, late team thoughts, etc. You can go back to my blogs under 2012 NFL Draft and look at the kind of articles I covered.

    Thanks again.

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