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 For the Buffalo Bills and the Buffalo Sabres One Buffalo is a reality. They have one Owner and One President; they also have one fan base. The issue here is some fans are starting to wonder how it is that the Sabres are left with no real goaltender after two years in the basement and the Bills have no proven QB after 15 years of crap play.  

I do not doubt that the Pegula’s are aiming for a strong product but I am questing how they are combining the two franchises. Let’s look at how “well” the Sabres have done while under Pegula’s umbrella…. Oh- yeah, never mind, now one year into the Bills ownership and we have a mess on our hands.

At this point I can’t help but say the Pegula’s prosper while One Buffalo fans suffer. Yes, in the long run suffering in sports is worth it, but this is just torture. Bills and now for a lesser part Sabres fans have been the butt of NFL and NHL jokes for years, and there are only so many times you can get off the mat. Sure, all it will take is a few wins and things calm down, but the underlining issue here is that One Buffalo’s one owner may have too many teams under his umbrella, and someone will always get wet.

They say time heals all wounds, and let’s hope so because by the time Buffalo has two strong competitive teams the city is going to need a trauma ward to fix the year’s mental troubles the teams have caused.

As both the Buffalo Sabres and Buffalo Bills season move along it seems all we can do is hang our hats on the fact that this too shall pass. The Sabres will hit an upswing most likely next season, and the bumbling Bills, well at this point it’s anyone’s guess.



Even with talent the ‪#‎Sabres‬ could still be in the mix for a top five draft pick and that’s an okay thing.

It takes more then a season to shake losing for the teams DNA. Players need to lean how to play with talented players and the fans need to relax.

There is a big difference between this season and the past two. At least Buffalo has been in games this year.

Winning come from developing and that will come in the back half of the season when these players have 60 games in blue and gold and have learned to Titus each other.

Just think if the Sabres are a lottery team. There will be yet another highly talented player coming to Buffalo.

So… back away from the edge… don’t go to the dark side and make sure to relax. This too shall pass.

Buffalo Bills Fall Apart

Posted: October 25, 2015 in Sports

The Buffalo Bills made the trip to London, but their talent stayed in WNY. With playoff hopes on the line the Buffalo Bills showed they are no better than last season. Injuries aside the Bills have no QB with any winning on his resume, they have yet to figure out how to get off to a fast start and they are still taking way too many penalties.

Its great that Rex Ryan can run his mouth about a building a bully, but his defense has not been tearing it up. His players have gone public complaining about how he has things set up, and now this…

It’s one thing to lose a game, but its completely another problem to lose the way Buffalo did. It shows a general lack of readiness. It seems that fans of the Bills will only have hope to hold on to going into the by week. Unless the Buffalo Bills can circle the wagon all they will do this season is once again circle the drain.