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 For the Buffalo Bills and the Buffalo Sabres One Buffalo is a reality. They have one Owner and One President; they also have one fan base. The issue here is some fans are starting to wonder how it is that the Sabres are left with no real goaltender after two years in the basement and the Bills have no proven QB after 15 years of crap play.  

I do not doubt that the Pegula’s are aiming for a strong product but I am questing how they are combining the two franchises. Let’s look at how “well” the Sabres have done while under Pegula’s umbrella…. Oh- yeah, never mind, now one year into the Bills ownership and we have a mess on our hands.

At this point I can’t help but say the Pegula’s prosper while One Buffalo fans suffer. Yes, in the long run suffering in sports is worth it, but this is just torture. Bills and now for a lesser part Sabres fans have been the butt of NFL and NHL jokes for years, and there are only so many times you can get off the mat. Sure, all it will take is a few wins and things calm down, but the underlining issue here is that One Buffalo’s one owner may have too many teams under his umbrella, and someone will always get wet.

They say time heals all wounds, and let’s hope so because by the time Buffalo has two strong competitive teams the city is going to need a trauma ward to fix the year’s mental troubles the teams have caused.

As both the Buffalo Sabres and Buffalo Bills season move along it seems all we can do is hang our hats on the fact that this too shall pass. The Sabres will hit an upswing most likely next season, and the bumbling Bills, well at this point it’s anyone’s guess.



E.J Manuel

Posted: April 26, 2013 in Sports
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Last night the Buffalo Bills took the first step in a rebuild. With the 16 pick in the 2013 NFL Draft  the Bills selected E.J. Manuel. QB Florida State. Manuel is 6’5 237 pounds  and is able to play the read option. During his time with Florida State Manuel had a senior year record of 12-2. 

The Bills have not had a NFL quality QB for over a decade. The last top QB the Bills had was Jim Kelly, and Bills fans remember how well that turned out. I’m not saying Manuel will have success like Kelly did, but the prospect of the Bills being a fraction as good has this city buzzing. 

If the Bills want this to work Manuel needs to hold a clip board for at least some of the coming season. The Bills traded for Kevin Kolb, and they should allow him to play at least until Manuel get a feel for the NFL game. There has been a trend in recent years for a first round QB to start right out of the gate, but I don’t believe Manuel to be NFL ready yet.

With time and work, the Bills may just  circle the wagons yet again. The fan base is ready, the city is ready, and for once the Bills seem to understand they need to reload. As this new chapter of Bills football unfolds; fans around here cross their fingers,and hope their suffering is over.

Its all starts now

Posted: April 16, 2013 in Sports
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Welcome back. Football has found its way back to Western New York.  The Bills kick off 2013-2014 with the first minicamp of the year. I’m sure that this comes as a relief to Buffalo Sports fans. With the Sabres in flux, there is the never ending spring of hope with the new look Bills.

Everything is said to be different at One Bills Drive. New coaches, new attitude, and hopefully a new look.  With the NFL Draft coming up, hope is high in WNY. Like I’ve said before the holes that the Bills have will not be addressed during the draft or this year. However, if the Buffalo Bills want to insure a strong future and a growing fan base it all needs to start this year. Not unlike the Sabres the Bills need to change their image.

It’s been 13 years with no playoffs for the Bills, and as long as I can remember the Bills have really been subpar. I hope that there is some truth to what is coming out of the organization. I hope that fans can finally believe in the change, I hope that for once a Buffalo team lives up to the hype.

It’s almost game time; it’s almost time for Bills football.  It all starts this month. Go Bills.

What to do, What to do?

Posted: April 9, 2013 in Sports
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The 2013 NFL draft is coming up fast, and the Buffalo Bills have the 8th pick. What should they do? Trade down, or make the pick? Do they go after their QB of the future now, or wait until next year, or maybe look to add a QB in the mid rounds? This year’s draft is one of the biggest drafts in the Bills history.

Buffalo has holes everywhere, and they don’t have the cap room or picks to be able to fill everything this year. The biggest hole to fill may be at QB, but I just don’t see that player in this year’s draft. There are really good QB’s this year, but not the one to set up the Bills for the next 10 years. The Bills front office is setting a Super Bowl or bust motto this year. “Don’t confuse effort with results” a sign now hanging in the Field House at One Bills Drive. For this sign to be true the Bills need to be careful with their draft picks, and make sure they get players to help whoever is the QB this year.

I still like the idea of an OL at one, a WR at two and grab your QB in the 3rd, or trade back in to the 2nd to get him. Most people are going to say I’m nuts, but let’s think about this. No matter who you QB of the future is or what year you draft him he needs to stay on his feet. A top OL will go a long way to making sure this happens, and a stand out WR gives the new QB someone other than Stevie Johnson to get the ball to. Any top QB drafted by the Bills may need to start right away; adding to the pressure he will be playing in Buffalo. Bills fans have a very short fuse right now. They are sick and tired of bad QB play, and sicker of being beat up and down the field for 13 years. Whoever is the QB, be it Kolb, or Jackson or a new kid the pressure cooker will be turned up to high. Why not give the O-line time to gel, add the WR and start from the outside in. If the QB has skills he will be able to work with what he has.

Around Buffalo winds of change seem to be a key point. If that is true the Bills need to start to prove it. Talk is cheap; fans want and frankly deserve action. I don’t love the QB crop this year, but if the Bills do then make the move. For example, if you would pick the guy at 21 then take him at 8. All I ask is be decisive.  As always in Buffalo, the Bills are on the clock.


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